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Terrible, nothing like I was expecting and makes you pay an outrageous amount of money for the chapters. Don’t download waste of time.

Taping function almost totally broken.

The game might be awesome, I wouldn’t know. I’m not going to break my screen taping it countless times to get it to do something. It just doesn’t detect that you’ve touched the screen about half the time. Sometimes never like now when I just said screw it and quit.

Surprising blow...

This is a great free game until the end of chapter 1. I was having a blast and then they say to play the rest you have to pay $14.99. It is way better if they made the whole game free with in app purchases if you were to ask me.

It’s decent

I played the real FF15 on the Xbox one and compared it to this it’s good but I can’t even get past the part when the regalia breaks down can you please fix this thxs.

Now what

It’s a really great game and all but You have to purchase the rest of the levels and some people don’t have money to buy it.So were stuck on chapter one and can’t do anything. So... Now what. - Anyoumus person P.S Adrian232 And other people who give this game 5 Stars might as well go join them on the trail of failure. Finished the game in one day

It crashes

Every time I finish the first cut scene it crashes and kicks me out the game please help.

Money pit

They let you play the first chapter then charges you for every chapter after that

Won’t work on older defensive

I have a old IPad and When I go in the game it says it won’t work as well on this device and then says go try on computer Which I think is ridiculous because it’s a PE game 😡😡

Wet Fart

This game took over one hour to download and offered 10minutes if via me gameplay time before asking $15.99 for the full version. Vile graphics, non-interesting game mechanics, and overall boring game.

Would get it all for 9:99$

Till then I'll wait.

Would Recommend

This game is amazing! I played on full specs and it still ran smoothly. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game. The game is massive. There are many weapons and upgrades. And it fully immersed me in its story. In fact I’ll even go as far as saying it’s the best mobile game I’ve played.


There is nothing to say. This game is just flat out uncontested brilliance

Not pleased

Finished the first chapter got to the second chapter and it wants me to buy it. is this normal? Do I have to buy each chapter? If so I’m deleting it now.

Fun game, when it works..

Let me preface by saying the game is fantastic, and I have been enjoying playing it.. however, the issue I have is with the game crashing. This happens CONSTANTLY (iPhone 8, iOS current), and each time I have to re-load the game at a point earlier than when the game crashed. The game is fun yes but having to end up doing the same exact thing over and over makes the appeal far less than it should be.

Don’t download

Don’t update your phone. If apple isn’t forcing people to update their phones, then neither should apps. Unless apple stops supporting those older versions there’s no reason to update. Why advertise a new app that I can’t download? I could imagine it might be to encourage people to update, but why not force people if that’s the case? I’ll stick to my jailbroken iOS 9, thanks.

Outstanding game besides a few glitches

I am a Final Fantasy fanatic and I couldn’t get enough of XV for the PS4. After downloading this game, I am pleasantly shocked how well the creators implemented the game concept from console to mobile accessibility. I can’t put the game down and want to keep playing more. The only reason I’m giving it four stars right now is because the game keeps crashing 8 minutes in when I want to play. Luckily, the save feature takes me back to the exact spot I am or just right before. Additionally, the language keeps switching from English to Japanese or Chinese in the middle of dialogue. If these two problems were fixed with a new update, I would for sure give it five star rating!

Top tier mobile experience

This is the most impressive distillation of a console game I’ve ever seen, and while it isn’t the true FFXV bc it lacks notably the open world it doesn’t skip a beat in terms of telling the main story perfectly. My only criticism is the game tends to crash a lot in later chapters even on top of line iPhones. I’m sure this will be addressed eventually. Easily worth $20

Couldn’t play

I tried playing the game but it would play past the opening cutscene

gladio are you okay?

FFXV is a great game! I’ve been into it for a little over a year now, but they did gladio wrong man here. he looks like a Dorito. c’mon square.

Free trial

It’s not clear enough before you download that you can only play 1/10th of the game for free.


It’s a good game and graphics until you complete Chapter One. Purchasing is required to progress into other chapters, which I learned to stop from a previous game. 👎🏻😝

Beyond expectation!

The prices for each chapter was a bit expensive but it totally worth it! The graphics were very beautiful! Few 3D games after the Infinity Blade trilogy catch my eyes but this one was an exeptional. Highly recommended!

Sometimes crashes and voice changes

I love the game so far but the frame rate causes the game to lag when I have multiple enemies on screen. I had the crash on me a few times and when I was playing the voices changed speaking a different language for some reason even though the setting is on English.

what the ??

so after installing the game and downloading extra files i watch the the cut scenes and right after it closed app. i simply restarted and loaded my file save ab 4 or 5 times till i came to the realization that this game is broke and wont run. i have an iphone for what? a game that wont run. so i uninstalled. (it vlosed app on the loading screen after the cut scene)

Great FREE alt to the actual game

Great game, especially for being free, but i feel like the controls need to be joystick rather than the touch, or at least an option to switch between the two.

Why u do dis

U BUY THE CHAPTERS, wow wwoooooowww U need to learn the basics of a good game. I know u need money but rlly if ur gonna make someone buy a chapter then at least make $5 but that’s not the point. THE CHAPTERS SHOULD NOT be paid. But overall good game, Also I’m a kid so I can’t buy a chapter. >:c

I love this game a lot. But... the crashes.

I’m updated completely for my phone and for this game, but the crashes are often and constant. It drives me absolute nuts. Also, occasionally the end of battles are spoken in German. No idea why. And let me reiterate: it’s crashed at least once every 20 minutes.

Amazing Experience!

This is a great way to experience FFXV’s story. The Pocket Edition has voice acting, music, and similar cutscenes to the console version. And I love it! The Pocket Edition does play linearly, but you can replay chapters over and over even if you haven’t beaten the game yet. That’s what I’m doing because I love grinding for levels... which would have been a nice option instead of having to replay linear story in order to get into more battles. But this has a decent mix since the main point to it is to tell the story and encourage console play. AND I LOVE that it is a premium game. I’ll buy any other premium FFXV mobile content they make.

Amazing mobile version!

I absolutely loved it since it’s pretty similar to the console version! Very fun to play.

RPG sevenler için mükemmel bir oyun

Oyun son derece güzel, oyun sever herkese tavsiye ederim ... Türkçe destekleyen bir oyun olsaydı harika olurdu ama yinede güzel 😃😘 wish it had Turkish language 💔💔

Best game!!

This is the best rpg in the App Store, I’ve played them all and this is hands down the best.

Beautifully Done!!

I am amazed at how great this looks and feels! The graphics on the iPhone of course can never equal what is put out by a full size console but that being said this is stunningly translated and retains all the fun of the console version IMO. The shortcuts and adaptations make sense and the reconfigured controls for use on a touchscreen are ingenious. Some console fans who are offput by automatic attacks for battle sequences in iPhone games might hesitate to try it out but this game allows several additional moves to be made by long pressing or the use of screen tap cues which helps the player make choices and feel fully involved in battle. You are also still able to warp and warp-kill or switch weapons while battling. Fabulous, I cannot put it down!

It great but a few bugs

I love the idea of playing ff15 on my iPad,but it tends to freeze and /or crash in the end of a boss battle. Also language tends to revert to Japanese from time to time but subtitles are still English. I’m disappointed we can’t do hunts except for the dog tag hunts. I understand the game had to be stripped down to be able to play on phone or tablet but I really enjoyed the hunts in consul game. But I’m only in chapter 2 at the boss fight that’s where it keeps crashing


This is a really good game, my PS4 broke p I wasn’t able to finish the game, so this is a good thing for me. The reason why I am giving this a three, is the lack of exploration and side quests. It possible, I would really like if you added more maps and areas just for the sake of more quests and exploration!!

Great game!

I loved this game so much I bought all 10 episodes! Great game, and I would recommend downloading it. The graphics are top notch and the sounds + music.

One complaint by nightshadow

I really wanted to play this game, so one day, I downloaded it onto my phone and it said my device was not compatible. So I downloaded it on my iPad and it wouldn’t work on there either. Please make it so that this game can work on all apple devices

Good but....

First off I love the final fantasy franchise and Final Fantasy XV wasn’t so great on console, but I really enjoy it on my phone. Cause I mean it’s on the go and seeing the story retold in chibi form is fun and interesting. The only reason I won’t give this game a 4 or 5 is because it constantly crashes each time a scene comes up and that’s really annoying specially since the whole game is $20. I hope this app gets a fix soon cause I would love to get my $20 worth experience and I know others would as well.

Plz read.problem?

What is your problem with iphone 6? Come on,All know that this game supports iphone 6 but you dont want it to support.


Mobile has been needing a good RPG for a while. Yes there are a few, but they're mostly from indie developers or copied whole cloth from previous games. This one is a neat idea — take an existing tried-and-true epic RPG from a renowned franchise and create an action RPG with new gameplay that doesn't just rip off something that already exists. The result is a game with a bit more of a classic feel than the original FFXV but that still plays naturally on mobile. It also blows away pretty much every other RPG on the mobile market. It doesn't feel dumbed-down or hand-holding either. And use of some of the original assets (voice acting and storyline) means they didn't have to entirely recreate everything from scratch, though the new graphics are a bit refreshing even if they're sometimes jarring compared to the original (lol, Cindy anybody? she looks ridiculous). I wish the game could have been truly open-world, since the mobile market desperately needs one, but that's not a dealbreaker. Square-Enix put in some real effort and took some risks to create this, and it shows. Good job!

No Facebook save?!?!

Got another phone my old one broke using the same account but now I’ve lost the money I put into the game because they have no save like Facebook. Not good square.

Update fixed download issue

iPad Pro

Wanted to play it so badly!

I have fallen in love with the concept of portable FF15 but the second I opened the app I found a screen claiming the app was not compatible with my device and soon after I downloaded all extra data and such, I found that I couldn’t play the game. My device is an iPhone 6 which shouldn’t be too old to play it and I couldn’t imagine it being to difficult to activate compatibility with the phone and I feel many other iPhone 6 users would appreciate being able to play what looks to be such a great game. I would give an honest review if I could play it. Please fix the game!

Only two things...

Amazing mobile rendition of FF15. I just wish there was more open exploration. I am on chapter 3 right now. I plan to get all the chapters. I just hope they can fix the crashing though. The only real issue I have been having with the game. I have an Iphone 8 Plus.

Does not work on my iPod Touch 6

I enjoyed playing the game on my Xbox and when I try playing it on my iPod Touch 6 it wouldn't load. It crashed when I tried to play it.please fix

Needs to add resolution support for IPhone X

Everything is good except the resolution

Too simplistic

Repetitive combat with too few skills and buttons. Finished the first chapter and uninstalled. Graphics are good though and so is the story. General lack of sidequests is a minus.

Great game

This game is absolutely perfect.the story is exactly the same but with a different art style which kind of makes it more fun play. Anyways keep up the great work 👍🏻

Doesn’t work.

iPad 6th gen. Once game opens and downloads more after opening cutscene. Download pauses and doesn’t ever finish. Tried closing app, restarting iPad. Nothing worked. A shame, really wanted to play it.


Can’t even finish downloading to start the game. But every other game on my phone workS. Bs

“It’s finally over.” -King Noctis

For an app game, it’s 5/5 to me. I mean, there is a ton of really, really bad games on the app market. Compared to numerous PC or console RPG games though? This is utter trash, regardless of how the game looks; story = meh, gameplay = meh (it’s not Dark Souls that’s for sure), any form of depth = meh, costume design = hipster goth. It is very strange to rate an app 5/5 and rush to delete it right when it’s over.

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