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Lacking depth

Game is too easy and targeted towards casuals.

Is this a joke?

Seriously? That was IT? Really? That was REALLY it?! $40 (they charge you another $20 in game for all the "chapters" *rolls her eyes*) for a couple of days worth of game play? That was the freaking ending? I'm still in disbelief. I'm a long time RPG gamer and I've NEVER played a game that ended after four hours or so... Dear god, that was REALLY it? This has got to be some kind of prank...

Not a computer

This is a handstand and of 10 great day


Well worth the price! It's Amazing!

Amazing game.

I love this, it’s simple and easy to play when I’m wanting to play on the go. The art style is wonderful; in ways feeling like a throw back to some of the more simplistic styles of FF games. As always with square (even back in the day) the visuals are stunning. My only issue with this game however, is that it can tend to in some places. Lack the feeling, in some of the emotional scenes of the original game. However, at some points though, I still feel the rage and heartache from the original. So all around I would love to give this five stars. Game play is great as well, and it seems to run smoothly for both my iPad and iPhone. Thank you Square Enix. -Life long Final Fantasy Fan.

No sound

Can’t even get the sound to play

Pre download did not work

I was a part of the people who did the preorder for the game. I don’t know if I was not waiting long enough or what but the game never got past the loading screen. I really want to play the pocket edition of this final fantasy because I love and beat the original 15. I hope when it is finally out I can download it and play. Then I will give it that last star the game deserves. (EDIT) Finally got my version to work and it turns out it was the bad dream of the Game Center that plagued my iPhone. As soon as I turned that sync off for my entire phone the game booted up like it was suppose to. Love the new design of the characters and the lay out of the menu system. The battle system is going to take a little getting use to again but I can’t wait to see this one all the way to the end. A very good port and I agreeing with the community. Square might need to port this copy over to the switch for players who play on Nintendo products. It would be an awesome port.

Downright wonderful

I loved final fantasy XV. That the developers were able to port every minute detail of the 2016 game into this mobile game is simply remarkable.

Great game but!

This is a well put together game graphics story and all but it keeps crashing and for $20 I really am not happy that it keeps crashing especially im the middle of a battle i have a 8plus so it should run fine

Great game but somewhat barren

It’s a great game but flawed. The game is pretty short with nothing much to do apart from a few fetch quests. Really so much more could have been added such as hints etc and also a bit of fishing. I think square Enix just took the shortest route here. I don’t know I enjoy this game but really it could have been so much better for the price

Not loaded in loading

Hi i have iphone 5s and not load game just load menu and two movies last game but i have not the game. Thank you

Love it, but needs support

I love it. It’s a great game that only gets better as you go, but it needs support. First the language randomly changes to German. I’ve got it set to English and suddenly they’ll be speaking German (still with English captions) Second, am I supposed to be able to see the grades after battle? Or scroll in any menu? If so, that’s not working. Also more regular saves would be appreciated. It’s a mobile game, I need to be able to stop whenever. Outside of this I would absolutely love more side quests, like getting a couple dog tags or hunts in each chapter.

This game is pretty great.

I love this game, it has a great story line, and pretty fun and the game play is pretty nice too. I wish they had a joystick type option to move your character around instead of just taping, but that would be my only real complaint about the game, other wise it’s pretty fun to play.

Couldn’t play

I tried playing the game but it keeps crashing at the first loading screen after the opening cutscene


Auto attack make fights extremely dull and repetitive, and make boss fights infinitely less engaging since you don’t really need to pay attention to boss mechanics. The loss of open world hurts replayability, the lack of changing facial expressions really take me out of formerly very emotionally resonant scenes (c’mon Square, you did it with BD’s artstyle, I see no reason you couldn’t here), and you can’t even take pictures. This is an extremely bare bones game and not worth paying money for on mobile. If you want to play FFXV, you can get the full version for the same amount on PC, with more features, replayability, and just generally more things to do. TL;DR buy the pc or console version instead; this mobile version is about one tenth the content for more or less the same price.

I can play my favorite game anywhere!!! 😍

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m currently in love with Final Fantasy XV (almost finished my third new game plus file in the Royal Edition 😆) and now that I can play it on my phone, I can continue playing the game without even picking up a controller! There are a few sound bugs where the music doesn’t play (ex. During the Titan fight) and I would have to pull up the menu and bring it down again in order for the music to play. Also, some voice lines don’t play and Cor’s attacking lines are louder than the other members of the party. (I’ve only played up to Chapter 3 in the PE so far.) Other than these sound bugs, I have no problems with the game. Thank you for making such an awesome game! 😍


First of all, it was very popular so I thought hey, I should buy this game! I checked the compatibility and it said, works on this I phone. When I got it though, it said sorry、this doesn’t work on your phone. Then it made me download so much it almost killed my I phone storage, and I couldn’t X out of it!!! I finally got to X out and delete it. I tried getting another app, but it said error. I tried others and it said error too...Don’t get it! You’ll regret it!!!

Not worth $20

Very fun game...absolutely not worth $20! For $20 you shouldn’t be able to complete the game in 2 days! Seriously need to add more game play!!!

Force close

I’m a little frustrated that I paid $20 for a game that keeps closing without warning, making me start over what progress wasn’t auto saved prior.

Not worth twenty bucks

This mobile version is a simplified version of the main game. The version has the same voice over but is too simplified. Most of the game is about pressing on the enemies or drinking potion. The original game lacked a lot of backstory. You would think they would add back the back story as animation. But no, they did not! The mobile version is as incomplete as the original game. You need to watch the free YouTube clips and the Kingsglaive movie to get what the story is about. A lot of the side quests are also gone so the game is quite linear. Review for the main story not just the mobile version: In past final fantasy games, the main characters seem excited to go explore the world. Past games made you believe in Magic and mystical creatures. For this one, it seem like the prince and his crew are just enduring a chore to go out and fight his enemies. Magical stuff in this world are usually dangerous and gloomy. There is no excitement from the prince, he only shows grief, boredom and anger. Perhaps it speaks to how frustrated the developers were when they developed this game for 10 years.

Please fix

You need fix it every time I try to play the game I keep kicking me out keeps telling me it’s not supported I am us iPhone 6 and it up to date

Suffers from lack of combat gameplay

The story is starting out too slow. I’m kind of bored from the start. A betrothed prince sets out on a journey... yawn. Combat is a faceroll. You don’t really have to do anything but watch. And there are popups! Not digging the jazzy soundtrack. Jazz is frankly boring. The thing that finally made me realize I couldn’t play this game? The stupid, inane, jaded teenage banter. These guys sound like total jerks every time they open their mouths.

Great game, too much money

This game is pretty short and it doesn’t have all of the stuff that the console version has in it. It’s worth 20 bucks tops. It’s a free download… But y’all soon figure out that you got to pay close to 50 bucks to play the whole entire thing. Way, way, way too expensive

Cash grab

The Game

Won’t download

Looks good but it won’t download gonna give it one more try with an iPhone 8 it should be no problem.


Every time I open the game the app crashes. It just started; I love the game but I can’t play it right now...and I paid for all of the chapters. I really hope I don’t lose them.

Final Fantastic

This game was more than I expected so much fun. Short but still Immersive. I like bed the interactions with the team during battle.




I’m pretty bummed out because at the time I didn’t have an Xbox or PS4 to play FFXV on. The game took an hour and a half to download and install. Once it finished, it instantly crashed. Reopened it and tried again, crashed. The game kept crashing when opened.


THIS GAME IS AMAZING THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I Been trying to find a final fantasy game and I found this one it’s so good But the thing is can you please make the graphics a little better so the phones can get a little feeling of console graphics and please try to make the game more active like you can make us look around and let us turn off auto battle mode and make the character and monster and everything look like the real game or similar not like ps2 video game graphics You might be saying that’s too expensive and too many gigabyte for everyone but let me tell you something Apple and Samsung are now making phones that are 64 gigabyte and up so please just do it And you guys would say what is this guy saying this will still cost use too much but the thing is lots of people will buy the 20$ and play and enjoy the game more then they do now. So please just look into it Make people without consoles happy But have phones users enjoy this game to the fullest -Thanks

The problems

If the App is Free so should the story I Really want to play as other characters The Fights are Auto


Ok so the game was good in all but it’s just that the fact that I haft to pay to go on to the next chapter made me really mad so that is one thang you haft to change then I’ll get the game agin and play it the rest of the way through.

Constantly crashing

I’d love to give this game 5 stars, but it crashes every 10 mins. Almost all reviews note this and the devs still haven’t fixed it. Still playable, but longer boss battles and bigger cities (i.e., less frequent auto saves) require replaying a number of times before making it all the way through. Without the crashes, this is the best RPG on mobile right now.


I Ike this game. I like it. Just one problem: Paying for the episodes. Unacceptable. I don’t really want to pay, like 20 bucks for every single episode... it’s not really what I was expecting. I tell ya, I spend my money on games I’d really keep. This just ain’t one of them. Sorry.

No sound

For some reason the game doesn’t have noise. I’ve checked my volume and the games volume and it just isn’t working.

Help ;^;

Hey Square, I’m glad I’m in this community; but I’ve been thinking about this for a while... I know it says my device is compatible, I have an IOS 11.1 on an IPhone 6, but as I open the game it says it isn’t working on my iPhone! And that kind of frustrates me... I WANT to enjoy this amazing game, but I can’t do that if it crashes every time I get to the prologue! :,3 I know that this may bug the game for others... but I don’t know what’s wrong! Hopefully I can play this game when you have time! :,D No rush! Have a good day!

All I can say is “eh”

I bought the preorder for this game for like $24 but it only included the first chapter and I had to purchase the rest of the chapters for another $20. For almost $50 this game is absolutely garbage I could’ve bought a real game with that money and I wish I could have a refund. Even with all the bug fixes I still encounter errors in which the character gets stuck in the terrain and I have to restart the entire chapter. Additionally the German voice acting will play randomly even though I have English turned on. The game is also pretty short and really doesn’t require a lot of skill or thought outside of tapping at the right times. At least the graphics are cute I guess.

Can we get more of this?!

I really have been waiting to get RPG games with a storyline such as this one. There’s not that many for mobile phones, so let’s get to it. I loved the music, the interactions, the story, EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. Please create/release more of this.


Terrible, nothing like I was expecting and makes you pay an outrageous amount of money for the chapters. Don’t download waste of time.

Taping function almost totally broken.

The game might be awesome, I wouldn’t know. I’m not going to break my screen taping it countless times to get it to do something. It just doesn’t detect that you’ve touched the screen about half the time. Sometimes never like now when I just said screw it and quit.

Surprising blow...

This is a great free game until the end of chapter 1. I was having a blast and then they say to play the rest you have to pay $14.99. It is way better if they made the whole game free with in app purchases if you were to ask me.

It’s decent

I played the real FF15 on the Xbox one and compared it to this it’s good but I can’t even get past the part when the regalia breaks down can you please fix this thxs.

Now what

It’s a really great game and all but You have to purchase the rest of the levels and some people don’t have money to buy it.So were stuck on chapter one and can’t do anything. So... Now what. - Anyoumus person P.S Adrian232 And other people who give this game 5 Stars might as well go join them on the trail of failure. Finished the game in one day

It crashes

Every time I finish the first cut scene it crashes and kicks me out the game please help.

Money pit

They let you play the first chapter then charges you for every chapter after that

Won’t work on older defensive

I have a old IPad and When I go in the game it says it won’t work as well on this device and then says go try on computer Which I think is ridiculous because it’s a PE game 😡😡

Wet Fart

This game took over one hour to download and offered 10minutes if via me gameplay time before asking $15.99 for the full version. Vile graphics, non-interesting game mechanics, and overall boring game.

Would get it all for 9:99$

Till then I'll wait.

Would Recommend

This game is amazing! I played on full specs and it still ran smoothly. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game. The game is massive. There are many weapons and upgrades. And it fully immersed me in its story. In fact I’ll even go as far as saying it’s the best mobile game I’ve played.


There is nothing to say. This game is just flat out uncontested brilliance

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