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Wanted to play it so badly!

I have fallen in love with the concept of portable FF15 but the second I opened the app I found a screen claiming the app was not compatible with my device and soon after I downloaded all extra data and such, I found that I couldn’t play the game. My device is an iPhone 6 which shouldn’t be too old to play it and I couldn’t imagine it being to difficult to activate compatibility with the phone and I feel many other iPhone 6 users would appreciate being able to play what looks to be such a great game. I would give an honest review if I could play it. Please fix the game!

Only two things...

Amazing mobile rendition of FF15. I just wish there was more open exploration. I am on chapter 3 right now. I plan to get all the chapters. I just hope they can fix the crashing though. The only real issue I have been having with the game. I have an Iphone 8 Plus.

Does not work on my iPod Touch 6

I enjoyed playing the game on my Xbox and when I try playing it on my iPod Touch 6 it wouldn't load. It crashed when I tried to play it.please fix

Needs to add resolution support for IPhone X

Everything is good except the resolution

Too simplistic

Repetitive combat with too few skills and buttons. Finished the first chapter and uninstalled. Graphics are good though and so is the story. General lack of sidequests is a minus.

Great game

This game is absolutely perfect.the story is exactly the same but with a different art style which kind of makes it more fun play. Anyways keep up the great work 👍🏻

Doesn’t work.

iPad 6th gen. Once game opens and downloads more after opening cutscene. Download pauses and doesn’t ever finish. Tried closing app, restarting iPad. Nothing worked. A shame, really wanted to play it.


Can’t even finish downloading to start the game. But every other game on my phone workS. Bs

“It’s finally over.” -King Noctis

For an app game, it’s 5/5 to me. I mean, there is a ton of really, really bad games on the app market. Compared to numerous PC or console RPG games though? This is utter trash, regardless of how the game looks; story = meh, gameplay = meh (it’s not Dark Souls that’s for sure), any form of depth = meh, costume design = hipster goth. It is very strange to rate an app 5/5 and rush to delete it right when it’s over.

Great game but keeps crashing

Title says most of it. I’m actually playing this and the steam version on pc to see the similarities. This is a great mobile game and I enjoy it since it mainly concentrates more on the main story making it more linear than the pc version. Only problem I have is when game crashes mid fight or just walking around mid chapter. And when you reload, you lose progression only in that chapter, making me start a chapter all over. Currently on chapter 6 and stuck since it keeps crashing during battles. I have went through 8 attempts, running iPhone X and wi-fi is not an issue. Already tried reinstalling. Great game but I hope they fix and tweak some of the bugs.

Wonderful addition to the FFXV title

I have played FFXV on the PS4 two times and playing it on mobile is an absolute joy as well. The transition between graphics and gameplay is done masterfully and I couldn’t ask for a more fluid and easy to enjoy experience. This is a great way to jump into the Final Fantasy XV story without needing a console. I highly recommend!

Crashes on iOS

This is a good game but it crashes on iOS and doesn’t save my progress. I Hope they will fix this soon because it’s a fun game.


Apple iOS should be especially embarrassed for allowing the this scam., you all should be ashamed of yourselves for giving this company editors choice. What you should do is refund everybody’s money. Because this company is a SCAM. That cons people, does not exchange or refund money no matter what you show them. (Software is badly glitches, that’s putting it nicely)

Great game, but buggy.

It’s a great game with all the melodramatic storytelling you love from Final Fantasy. The graphics reminded me a lot of FFVII, only a fair bit better. I really wanted to just love this game. The bugs in it made that rather hard. It’s still completely worth the money for what it is. Just hope they patch it up a bit for future gamers to enjoy. Some bugs I recall... 1. Random German audio in chapter two. 2. When a character leaves and rejoins your party in the same chapter that character can get stuck as an unmovable non-active character until the end of the chapter. The story says they rejoin, and their avatar stands still on the screen, but they don’t fight or gain experience from the level. 3. Audio distortions in one of the final battles. Every time you attack this character there is a loud unfitting audio response that drowns out all other audio.

Another iPhone X overheated

This game and shadowgun legends overheat the crap out of my phone. Plenty of games run fine on it with better graphics than this one, or equal graphics to legends. Mcvs runs cool and perfect 60 FPS on my X. Why do some games make It overheat?

Download issues

So I have just installed the app on my iPhone 7+ and it won’t let me play. I try to download all the chapters like it tells me to, but every time it starts to download it will get about halfway done and say “cannot connect to server, please check your WiFi connection and try again.” I would really like to play this game so please fix soon.

Fix it

I’m using 5s and when I play this game it says “this game cannot work on tour cellphone,if you buy the chapters do this at your own risk” how it don’t work if say on description

Amazing but some minor fixes needed

I am in love with this game. From the dialogue, storyline and even the fighting. The only problems with the gems is that it crashes after every battle even during, there are some audio problems when to much is going on. And the one thing I would like to see is the option to save whenever mostly because of the random crashes.

A true Final Fantasy mobile game

Played flawlessly on both iPhone 8 Plus and current gen iPad. Download everything before getting into a plane and you can play with no connection. If you travel, this is definitely a must have. I hope to see more Final Fantasy games do this.

No MFI controller support

ugh, this game is dying for controller support. It’s nice to have touch controls when you don’t have your controller with you, but when I’m traveling, id like to kick back and just use the controller without taping the screen constantly. Touch controls are fine for games like candy crush, but not for most full game releases. I’m still patiently waiting for game devs to take the iPad a little more seriously as a platform. Would also be nice if the app store clearly indicated if mfi controllers were supported. Didn’t it used to?

Endless loading on restart feature

Once I tap on the restart by my save, it just takes me to a Loading screen and never loads. The update says it fixes this bug, doesn't seem like it though. iPhone 7 Plus

Please 😥

Can you make it for any device

Thank you.

This is a fantastic game. Very well done.

Great, if I could play it

I’ve played this before on a friend’s phone, but since I have a 6s+ the game always closes out before it even finishes loading the first chapter. I hope this game can be made compatible on a 6s+ soon.

Downloading downloading

Why do I have to download additional hundreds of MB from servers that are so slow it takes all night? And not only once, it seems every few times I attempt to play but get stuck downloading instead.

To the devs and anyone thinking of playing this game

This game would have been fun and amazing BUT ! And that’s a huge but It crashes .... A Lot!!! Even On newer devices! U can have the best game in the world or of the decade If it crashes constantly like literally it crashes alll the time And u can’t even progress in the game at all Then u don’t have a game u Just made an app that’s only good For taking space on your mobile device Devs have two options delete the app or fix the crashes Otherwise Let everyone know this game is Trash cuz of this fatal flaw 👌


Any way to gift this game?

Takes forever to load

The game is great and all but it takes forever to load a new game. It should only take 20 minutes but it takes an hour. Other than that awesome game.

Download problem

Sorry to say I couldn’t download it in my Iphone 6s plus ... dunno why it stopped... cloud it be fixed???


Great re-creation of FFXV. I have one complaint, unlocking via IAP rather than a single buy. This prevents family sharing, and really prevents the investment. I’d love to continue the game, and like all the other titles, I’d probably buy it and never finish it, letting my kids play later. Luckily, it has cloud saves. Which is generally my main dealbreaker when they are left out. Sticking to the other FF titles on mobile platforms though.

Smaller, Cuter, Faster

Having played the demo that was recently released by steam as a windows port, I can say that this version does a great job of distilling the essence of the PS4 title’s gameplay and plot into a mobile platform. That being said, I’m getting issues where Cor and others are speaking German at random places. So much time and effort went into developing the relatively bug-free original that these errors seem very glaring. Boy does my iPhone 7+ get hot when playing this. And don’t even get me started on battery life. Still, it’s nice to play on max settings just to see the glory of it. My other gripes: I miss the sense of being free and boundless, with an “open” world to roam and explore. This version, understandably, boxes you into corridors with fixed camera angles, which is a shame because this sense of awe and wonder at the size and beauty of the landscape around you was a key element in the original’s success. Because you’re more or less on rails, it’s possible to progress through the story very quickly, undistracted by lengthy side quests and exploration. Plot turns come rapid fire if you hack and slash through the unchallenging battles and simple maps. I love that all of the original dialogue is there (albeit with technical problems), and I like the attention to detail in recreating the key areas in smaller, mobile-optimized maps. I also have to suspend my sense of gravitas whenever I see those itsy bitsy bros and their tiny lil limbs acting out this grand adventure filled with danger, wonder and sadness. Just too cute. This game is perfect for those who are console- and PC-averse, or people who only game on their commute, who nonetheless want to get FFXV under their belt. But only if they’ll settle for what amounts to the CliffsNotes version, and at the cost of a very hot and depleted phone.

Overall good, BUT

This game should have given more for the demo than just one chapter. Not everyone has the means to buy every app they want.

Can't purchase chapters 2-10

Loved chapter 1, then can't purchase the rest, so now I'm stuck. It's not my bank, it's not my connection, it's not my payment information.

game crashed after chapter2

The chapter 1 was great but after i buy the chapter2 the game is crashing all the time like every 2-3min.. ,you only care about the demo? i rated 1 star because it's not crashed for whole game it just the paid-chapter...

Too many cut scenes

I got this game for gameplay but instead I got a lot of Cut scenes

False claims of compatibility

This game is not compatible with the iPhone 6s+, crashes after the second cutscene every time. Developer admitted via email that they lied about it playable on the 6 series of iPhone.

Too short, boring game play

Done in a couple days, lots of random tapping, and then it’s over. All for $20. Should have been longer and more complex for the price or maximum of $5. Disappointing.

Doesnt Run on iPhone 6

Despite saying this game can be played on iPhone 6 and up, I have not been able to get the game to run on my phone. It looks awesome but just doesn’t perform the way it claims to.

The in app purchases

This is a great game that I really like to play but a major issue for me is that you have to pay for the entire rest of the game

Random Shutdown

The game is great except by the beginning of chapter 4, the game crashes. Please fix the issue for me and me other players.

Fun but overpriced

I just finished playing and am now posting this after deleting FFXVPE because it has ZERO replay ability. Dont get me wrong the game was really fun. The controls didnt feel much, if any, different from its console predecessor (which had its own sorta "autobattle" feel to it). My feels were also activated during this beautiful tragedy of a story. But with the extreme linearity of the storyline i have no reason to keep a now $20 paperweight. So, not worth its weight in gold but i do not regret the enjoyable journey. Thanks for reading! :) *BONUS* Overall i was pretty impressed with the touch controls which got me thinking: these same mechanics would make for an awesome Kingdom Hearts title!


Great game. It was worth it getting the additional chapters though a few were very short and didn’t seem worth the time or money. The story follows FFXV to the T. It’s a great one which is why Square has the best RPGs.

50% sales plz

The game is on my long wishlist waiting for sales. I usually immediately get the 10$ full pass games and wait for sales with the more expensive games.

Awful on iPad mini

Says is fully compatible with device in store, but crashes at loading screen



I love this game 👍 warning spoilers

I love this game it’s so much like the time with the battle for kings and the cutscene and the battle with the gods and the point of battling and the only thing I hated was the point of dying so much 😡🔫 so I also request more chapters and expansion

iPhone x very hot!

battery is very hot!!!!!

Not worth $20

I think because of the cost I felt compelled to wring this game dry. I beat it twice and unlocked all achievements within weeks. That said, for $20 it's quite lacking. I've played games for .99 with more replayability. Also this game is laughably easy. At no point did I ever feel at threat of wiping, probably because there are potions under ever rock and my party was wealthier than a communist dictator. The biggest boss fights are reduced to tapping the screen and nothing else. Literally tapping anywhere on the screen for minutes until the boss dies. wut. I'm holding onto the app in hopes of DLC, but I don't have much hope for anything capable of redeeming this game.


Crashing, black screens, unplayable. On new and old phone, updated, no difference still crashing. Cleared out large space and also the same crashing. Please fix this game I love FF series and would very much like to play.

Square Enix does it again!

I’ve always been amazed at Square Enix’s ability to make great graphics(depending on when) and memorable characters, but this just takes the cake! They’ve done an amazing job(again)!

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