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Dont works on iphone 5s

In the description says that works on iphone 5s, but dont work at all :(


Hola quisiera saber por q no sacaron una versión q fuera compatible con el iPhone 6

Doesn't work

As soon as I get to the part where I have to tap on the ground to move/explore it does nothing. Doesn't matter where I tap on the screen it just won't move. That's as far as this game will go on iOS 11.2.6 iPhone SE

Great but

This is amazing just like the console version but one thing I hate on chapter 4 I cannot move noctis and I have to wait till the text pass so I can’t touch the second runestone cause noctis won’t move and I can’t skip it either so I’m stuck hope you fix that cause it’s annoying


Update: Please add more content in which we can get into random battles and possibly use summons. Open world exploration. That would make this game perfect. This is an incredible game. I’ve finished the game and am very bummed that its over...I need more! Looks beautiful and runs quite smooth. However, I’m sure I’m speaking for most that it would be amazing if we had an option for post-game play. I’d really like to see a challenging dungeon with new bosses or area with random encounters so that we can have the opportunity to actually manually use summons. I know this is probably a lot to ask for and it would take up more space on the device but it would keep people coming back for more. Also, it would be nice to have an option to copy save files.

This Game Rocks!!!

I love this game. The graphics are awesome and the game isn’t based on how much money you put into it. Great going, guys!


THIS GAME IS AMAZING THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I Been trying to find a final fantasy game and I found this one it’s so good But the thing is can you please make the graphics a little better so the phones can get a little feeling of console graphics and please try to make the game more active like you can make us look around and let us turn off auto battle mode and make the character and monster and everything look like the real game or similar not like ps2 video game graphics You might be saying that’s too expensive and too many gigabyte for everyone but let me tell you something Apple and Samsung are now making phones that are 64 gigabyte and up so please just do it And you guys would say what is this guy saying this will still cost use too much but the thing is lots of people will buy the 20$ and play and enjoy the game more then they do now. So please just look into it Make people without consoles But have phones enjoy this game to the fullest -Thanks

Awesome Game

I’m a huge Squeenix fan and I really love what they did with this final fantasy game. No, it’s not particularly challenging, but it kept the beautiful story intact and had some really great moments. It was wonderful to play. I was totally hooked from the beginning!

Why does it require internet?

Why does this game require internet? If people are paying for IAPs shouldn’t this game be offline? Why not consider a seperate premium version of the game that is offline ad not include IAPs? Please? I’d like to continue Noctis’s journey. Thanks!


After playing real game I was kinda excited to have a mini version. I was hoping for a thumb-stick and a couple buttons. Not hold finger to move and auto attack. For those who cant play on PC or Console I would Recommend, if you have those avoid.

Perfect on iPad, crash fest on iPhoneX

Loved this game on My iPad Pro, it ran perfectly and was a perfect port of the PlayStation4 version. Nice condensed easy to play version for on the go. They really get the balance right in this game. Sadly it runs terrible on the iPhone X, even with the graphics options turned way down. The phone gets so hot that it automatically turns the brightness way down. And it flat out crashes and quits more and more frequently as you progress. It would be a 5 star review otherwise, so I hope they get this sorted soon.

Best Mobile Game

This is probably the best game I played on a PHONE. It felt like a full length Psp Vita Game. I hope developers pay attention to this game and step their game up, because this game takes mobile gaming to a different level.

Not compatible?

I’m getting a notification in the very beginning of the game saying that my device isn’t compatible. I have an iPhone 6 with the latest version of IOS. Ridiculous.


People that have problems with game being stuck on loading screen. Go turn off Game Center in settings. Worked immediately afterwards. Changed my 1 star to 5 star now that it works!! Too bad I had to figure it out myself. But I hope this helps some people!!

Can’t play

I’ve had the game downloaded for a few weeks but I never had the actual time to play it. Now when I tried to play it, I got through the first two cutscenes and the it crashed. After a couple tries I just sat my phone down and waited then tried again. Then it would either do the same or just crash after the Square Enix card.

Great game!

I played the first chapter and it was good. Everything was simplfied for moblie gaming, such as touch here and there and voila enemy defeated!!

Utterly disappointing

If you like $20 poorly animated movies where you tap the screen repeatedly then this is the game for you. Otherwise this is the most disappointing FF games I have played. PC and NPC development are essentially automatic. Item drops might as well be gold deposited directly to your bag as NOTHING is ever a weapon or exciting useful find. Characters wear no armor, only 1-3 trinkets to boost stats. Fights are basically automatic. You only control the main character by tapping or swiping what you want to attack with NPCs swinging away behind you. Every now and then an NPC can do a special action, but that's it. Summoning creatures like Shiva literally do not and can not happen except in scripted areas. I could keep going but may never stop. Sad I spent the time tapping through the 700 cut scenes and lame car conversation's. Don't waste your time on this expensive, lame-duck port.


I love video games, especially rpg’s, however I rarely get to play them as much as I want to. One of the games that I have been wanting was Final Fantasy XV for a while now and while I would love to play though the actual game, this was good to. I found myself getting really attached to the characters and really loved the entire play though. I would highly recommend for those who haven’t experienced the game already and even if you have, give it a shot.


Excellent game for what it is. The only reason it doesn’t get a full 10/10 is because it crashed every now and then for me (iPhone 8 Plus) and there are a couple of bugs such as the characters speaking in different languages a couple of times but never in any important moment. Simple and worth the $20 if you just want to experience the story in the palm of your hands.

Still broken

Publisher claims to have fixed loading problems, game still doesn’t start for me. Update: Game now works, and surprisingly it’s awesome!

Si es un DEMO por qué no lo ponen como tal?

Me gustó, pero lo que no me gusta es el hecho de que me lo dejen jugar para luego toparme con la sorpresa de qué hay que comprar los próximos capítulos.

20 bucks and it crashes?

The game continually crashes on my iPhone X. I have never had this many issues for free games let alone a game that cost $20 bucks. Please fix it. Otherwise the game is pretty cool except for the weird car rides where you can zig zag but nothing else. Please fix crashes


I can’t play it crap well not really unless if you’re playing it on ios(ipod touch) you can’t even continue for the second cutscene

Great mobile adaptation!

It’s one of the best iPhone games. I thought it was going to be a true free world game, it’s not, it’s a linear version of the story areas that guides you through the limited areas offered. With that said it’s still one of the best mobile games I’ve played, if it can be updated to have a free roam chapter that is connected by driving to the preset areas by car it would feel open world enough for me to give it a 5. The bonus dungeons could be included in doing this.

Goad games

Tins of staff to do yeah

Controller Support

The game is great, don’t get me wrong but 20 dollars is a little hefty. But even still, where is the controller support?! Every other game square Enix makes comes with controller support, why not this one?


It’s not compatible for my iPhone 6 Plus

Great but I want more!

I wish the game had more side quest. Maybe instead of 10 chapters, how about 20. Also would of liked the freedom to roam around more. I like the idea of the game. Graphics were cool but maybe they should of added the mouth movement with the dialogue.

I don’t usually like linear games, but...

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! I was a little sketchy at first, thinking there was no way I’d enjoy a game that’s not open-world exploration. However, after the first chapter, I knew I had to buy it, and it never disappointed. The story is gripping, and the theme of friendship is enveloping to the core of the gamer. Plus, the action makes the game impossible to put down. The controls during the fights are simple, yet it still manages to keep you enthralled and on your toes, and the tide of battle can change quickly if you’re not careful. The range of characters provide someone for everyone to relate to, making the game much more enjoyable. I promise that you will find yourself caring for the characters in this story. I will say one thing that I would like to see in an update in the future, if it is possible. Once the game is finished, you can replay any chapter, but they’re all on the same difficulty level. This means that if you beat the game and have the best weapons, enemies pose no challenge in the earlier chapters. I know you can start another slot to start over, but I don’t always wanna have to fight to gain those same weapons again. Or I don’t wanna switch my current weapon with weaker one. If there were a choice for difficulty where people who completed it already could replay it in a harder mode, or if each replay after completion were harder than the last (much like the Dark Souls games), I could find myself playing this game forever, and never reaching boredom. Nonetheless, this is the best iOS game I’ve ever purchased, and it will always be something to enjoy. If you haven’t already tried it, you’re missing out on something legendary! Congratulations Square, you’ve hit it out of the park in my book!

Doesn’t let me play the game

So I downloaded the game and it just keeps crashing right when it gets done loading you guys newd to fix this problem because the game is crap

Chapter five

I love this game but every time I get on and see the video for the boss it chapter five the game completely crashes please fix this

Crashes everywhere! Buyers beware

Don’t buy this game. Chapter 1 (free) was amazing and crash free. But if you get sucked in buying the rest if the chapters you’ll soon find yourself starting side quests, roaming, etc all over since the game crashed before a save point. This happens from 5-10 minutes while playing. This is what this company guarantees you, crap ton of crashes guaranteed!!

Love it!

Update: Quit whining about the price or the fact that you have to pay for it. They’ve never made it any secret that it was going to be a paid game, they’ve said it from the beginning and if you weren’t paying attention that’s your own fault. Also, no, you don’t deserve a free game. Original: I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced! I love that it’s got the original audio and everything. The new little missions are pretty fun too. I am noticing that it will crash here and there unfortunately but hopefully that’s an issue that can be fixed with future updates.

I can watch the beginning but...

I can’t actually play the game. Good graphics

It’s awesome.

Something funny happened where the characters would speak German sometimes but other than that, it was all good. Fun game to play!

Chapter 5 glitch.

In chapter 5 during fight with Aranea she disappears and never returns. I love this game. Help!

10 is glitched

Chapter 10 is glitch i can not Continue the story stuck in a wall i tried to rest thegame but it doesnt work plz fix and let me keep playing

5 *S

A Videogame Legend Has RETURNED!!! and is better than ever! Tysm! Xoxo

Crashes a lot after Ch 1

Chapter 1 ran smooth on my i8, chapter 2 and on crashes so often, it’s becoming a chore to play, as I know I’ll have to do most sections 2-4 times. Lestallum and the Chocobo Wiz zone were particularly bad. The game’s recreation of the FF main story is well done, though the lack of camera control was as disappointing as the car on was for the Xbox version, and nearly as frustrating sometimes as the constant crashes. Subsequent chapters also do not seem to offer the same level of freedom to explore that Ch 1 did; feeling to me, much more linear. I’d say wait for updates and crash fixes before buying the additional chapters; they do not run as smoothly as Chapter one does.

Deal breaker?..

No virtual controls, which means your finger is ALWAYS in the way of where you are currently going. For me, this is a MAJOR pet peeve. Aside from that, it’s pretty good, but if you have already run through it on ps4, don’t bother, save your money for one of the other classics SE has brought back.


The story is just so boring. Whatever happened to good final fantasy games with a good story? The battle system is too easy and the magic system is terrible. I’d prefer a turn based battle system with a memorable story to be honest. I think they tried too hard to make XV an action game. It’s time to leave Final Fantasy behind sadly since they’re transitioning to more action games.

The Most beautiful Game ive played in a while

*drops mic*


I absolutely loved it. It was super fun and gave me a lot of hours of gameplay. The ONLY reason why I gave it 4/5 stars is that it would glitch pretty often and close out (so I would have to start back at the title screen and load again). I am not overly annoyed by it though because I understand that it is amazing as a phone game. Oh, and it would sometimes switch languages too. I set it to English, but other languages would play occasionally. It threw me off, but I found this glitch in particular to be hilarious. Overall it is one of the best games (if not the best) I have ever played on my phone. Highly recommend. I wish I could give it 4.5/5 stars.


Well worth the price! It's Amazing!

Money back.

Bought it. It won’t load. I will seek a refund.

A really fun game but....

This game is a lot of fun and i would give it 5 stars if it didn’t have the infinite loading screen issue. I realized I’m not the only one having this problem, so hopefully an update will come soon that fixes this! Edit: So glad that they fixed the loading bug, however there’s now an issue where the game just completely crashes. It would also be nice if the game kept the screen awake. It’s annoying when I’m watching a cutscene and the screen goes dim or shuts off. Yes, I know I can change that on my phone’s settings, but I shouldn’t have to do that each time I play this game.


Well after I deleted the game due to the infinite loading bug it would seem they finally came out with an update addressing it. I wish I could verify but unfortunately now the game crashes to my home screen within 5 minutes of game play, which it wasn’t doing before this update. It still pops the “restart game” window if you accidentally or intentionally swipe up or down on the bottom and top edges (notifications, control center) or if you have to switch to respond to a text message. This is a game on a smart phone in 2018. Why do I have to restart the game even if it was to adjust a control center setting or check a notification. Even weirder is that it would seem if you just hit ok on the window it goes away and you can keep playing with no why have that restart message? They don’t ever explain why anywhere. The random audio language switching is still happening. Most of the time characters speak English. But randomly during gameplay they will start speaking German. I’ve found I have to quit out of the game and reopen it to get the issue to go away, until it happens again. Also the audio has this intermittent clipping, static, popping sound when I’m moving my character around on a map. The saving is still confusing, which they could have addressed. Why not just have all saves go to the cloud automatically. I mean you only let it overwrite the most recent one so I only ever have the one save so it wouldn’t be a space issue on your servers. No individual is ever really going to know how frequently they should have to go into your settings and do this random, manual, move your backup to the cloud crap. Typical Square Enix on mobile..the minimum amount of work on their end while they cash in on people’s nostalgia.


Going through the App Store I saw this app I have the game on console so I was interested to try it. After downloading and opening the app it would not go past the loading page. On the actual store to download the app there was an option for apps support so I clicked it and followed the instructions and did everything on the list none of which were able to help me try to even start the game at all. Very unfortunate for a game editors choice on the main App Store for current games.

Loading bug fixed.

They fixed the loading bug, definitely some other little bugs here and there still marring the experience (German voices like to load randomly) but overall a really fun game.

Onion Prince and Friends

Besides the catching on of horrible translation from other games, it wasn’t too bad for a “FFXV Super Lite”. Honestly it just makes me want to play the actual game instead but while I’m out and about I’ll randomly pull this up and play a bit of it.

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